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Manuel Jara
Afterschool program for grades 3-5 ready to imporve the world around them.
To help classmates to overcome fear of math.
Mighty Griffins
Arlington Classics Sports with a Purpose. To Create, Develop and Lead.
Mighty Medrano Eagles
The Mighty Medrano Eagles will be recycling. We choose recycling to try keep our earth clean.
Mighty Mustangs
To provide comunity help were comminity help is needed.
The mighty mustangs, to strive to be strong community workers
MVP's Mustangs
The purpose of the MPV's Mustangs is to help the Fort Worth After School students understand the importance litering. The student will involved in the Cowtown Great American Cleanup by picking up liter in the neighborhood.
Nash Roadrunners
Elementary school after school program coordinating service learning opportunities for students to benefit the school, neighborhood and others in the world.
New Way Saints
To provide umbrellas to the homeless to use for shelter from the storms as well as privacy and protection.
North Dallas Raiders Youth in Action
Our Mission Statement: To enrich, encourage, and inspire the lives of youths and families through education, physical fitness, spiritual awareness and community involvement by emphasizing athletic competition, volunteering, and life skills training. Our Vision Statement: To teach the fundamentals of life skills training and a particular sport in order to maximize a participants talents and understanding in order to improve his/her skill level, and to encourage enjoyment and appreciation of life and sports through competitive participation; while teaching the importance of spiritual awareness, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, teamwork, and sportsmanship
North Hi Mount Eagles
To promote community stewardship and family engagement in a safe and productive environment.
NTX Tarheels
A basketball organization dedicated to the health and wellness of all communites.
Oak Cliff United
We want to serve our community through raising awareness of homelessness through 2 projects. First, we will be collecting money to donate to a local shelter that houses people without homes. Secondly, we will create plastic mats for those without a home or a bed to sleep on a soft and portable mat using plastic grocery sacks.
Oaklawns new edition
our team make up a diverse group of childeren thats working together collecting by donation personal items to give to our women and childeren sheltes in our community.
Student council from O.C. Taylor Elementary

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