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G.O.S.S.I.P. Girls
We believe that every young lady is special with a unique gift and the power to succeed, no matter what area they are from or obstacles they may face. We want to help young ladies achieve academic goals, grow spiritually and use their personal power to reach their goals and dreams.
Gentry Go-Getters
We are a group of youths who are proactive go-getters! Ready to help the community and give back in a big way!
Girl Scout troop 2124
We're a mix group of Juniors and Cadettes. Our girls are ready to help those in need.
Girl Scout Troop 3113
We're a group of 5th grade Juniors that enjoy serving our community.
Girlscout 2801/Heroes Manhood serviceCLub
Girlscout troop 2801 paired with local boys Mentor Leadership group,come together to help booast literacy in their community buy hosting book drives,fairs,and taking reading materiels to places such as barber shops,beauty salons,and hospitals.
glenpark roadrunners
senior buddy program

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